Machinery safety

An employer is responsible for the safety of his employees. In a production environment with machines, there are more dangers than you think.

Workable safety

TECplus is a specialist in the field of machine safety. We map the risks through an RI&E (Risk Inventory & Evaluation) so that we can identify the causes.
Thanks to our background in engineering, we understand the technology and can help you not only identify the problems, but also find a workable solution.

However, machine safety is more than just technology. Ultimately, it is the people we want to protect. Good safety measures, instructions and, above all, safety awareness, contribute significantly to a safe working environment.

Safety starts with balancing people and technology.

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Modifying machines

Simply taking care of CE-marked machines does not automatically mean that the working environment is safe. TECplus inventories and advises employers to achieve a safe working environment. An inventory that looks beyond just the machines, but that also looks at people.

Of course, this also applies to older machines and installations. We can advise you on machine safety if you want to modify machines or installations. Our years of experience in the field of machine safety guarantee sound advice and workable solutions.

Our services for you:

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General risk assessment

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Occupational health and safety RI&E machine safety

Occupational health and safety RI&E machine safety in accordance with the Work Equipment Directive 2009/104/EC

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Preparing task risk analysis (TRA) (JSA)

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Conducting last minute risk assessments (LMRA)

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Hazard study and risk assessments in an industrial production environment

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Safety advice for adjustments to machines and production lines

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Writing instructions

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Improving safety culture

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Annual check on machine safety