About TECplus

What we believe in? People first when it comes to safety, that’s what it’s all about. Veiligheid in de industrie; veilige machines en een veilige werkomgeving.

Who are we?

TECplus is a company by people for people.

People first when it comes to safety, that’s what it’s all about.

Driven by technology and safety, TECplus started almost twenty years ago as a sole proprietorship in engineering management and CE consultancy. Today we turn things around and make sure that safety comes before technology. This offers opportunities for better machines and therefore better installations. We prefer to do this by means of simple and workable solutions. We believe in making safety a part of the (design) plan at the earliest possible stage. Installing protections and other safety facilities afterwards can be difficult and expensive, but is , above all, less workable. So whether it is a machine, an assembly of machines, a production line or a complete factory, safety is part of it from step one.

We go for it, from A to Safe.

TECplus likes to think along with the design when it comes to safety. We do not hide our opinion in this respect. Ultimately, safety will contribute to much more than just preventing accidents. A pleasant working environment, fewer problems with absenteeism, fewer failures and ultimately higher efficiency. Make safety work for you! From automotive to petrochemicals, the water world to infrastructure, manufacturing industry to logistics, technology is everywhere. We ensure that this technique is safe. However, safety is more than just technology. Working conditions also have a major effect on people’s behavior and on working safely. TECplus thinks about workable solutions and provides sound advice, which we do for you wholeheartedly.